had officially marked the return of Hi Life Connection on the stage. Two years after GLOBAL NATION, this interesting “Open Project” of artists founded by the producer Master Kush (to say Guido Mignone) has in fact proposed an exhilarating single with evident Jamaican, Reggae and hip hop sonorities. Winning for its melody and fictional technique, it has gone touring through Italian and foreign radio stations opening the path to a new way of conceiving music and the interaction between musicians and singers. Strictly following the third official product RADIO ORCHESTRA Vol. 1, a new excerpt is being issued: BACK TO AFRICA. Conceived and realized by I.Com Multimedia, this video clip has a young girl as its protagonist: intrigued by an old radio set left in a corner of a museum, she is captured by its melody following her while walking through the rooms and the corridors. Rootz reggae sounds, funky here and there, elaborated by powerful percussions and guitars, accompany a single representing a real trip back in time. “Africa, Motherland” is a significant look on one’s own ancestral origins. Starting from the purity of tribal sounds, followed by the decadence and the spread of a new contaminated world made of wars, corrupted governments and incoming wide degeneration: a sharp contrast between Earth and Cement. This second excerpt once more gives the chance of enjoying the great artistic synergy of Hi Life Connection starting a long-waited for project, rich in genres, being issued on October 21, 2014 by TRUMEN RECORDS.