Who we @re

Since 2012, Comdart has grown and diversified. Success after success. Today, we’re a strong brand and strategy agency thanks to our smart, strategic and hungry professionals who thrive on competing at the highest level. We combine human empathy, knowledge and data to improve experiences.

Almost everyone has gone digital, and there’s more competition than ever. There are many marketing strategies, channels, methodologies. Which one is right for your situation? Which one will work the best? You need a personal strategy that connects and engages.

We are digital, social, traditional and whatever else will come. Looking at our results you realise that anything is possible with the right people around you. We can work remotely or you can reach us in our beautiful British coast just a few miles away from London. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our approach is simple


An optimal result and effective solutions cannot be achieved without adequate research. Data and insight can be the keys to a winning strategy. We take time to learn about your brand, analyse your competition, what drives your customers or users by focusing on your business goals, problems or opportunities.

  • Market research 
  • User research 
  • Usability 
  • Survey development 

Problem solving​

Solving problems means making choices. Problem solving methodologies are a process through which a situation or issue may be analysed from different perspectives. Here, we include steps for understanding the problem, brainstorming, devising solutions, testing and evaluating the results.

  • Focus group 
  • Testing 
  • Solution validations 
  • Case study 


The strategy is the plan, the vision and the direction we design for you to make your business grow and your ideas shine. We build “road maps” that are backed by data, market research plus with our wealth of experience and knowledge.

  •  Digital opportunities 
  •  Journey mapping 
  •  Storytelling 
  •  Dashboard design 

Development and transformation

Our flexible and agile process allow us to elaborate the projects from definition through developing and executing. Our aim is also to help your business to make changes to processes, people or systems (technology) to better align the company with its new strategy and vision.  

  • Capabilities assessment 
  • Digital transformation 
  • Agile transformation
  • Design thinking 

From start up to titans of industry we want to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Our aim as a digital agency is to provide our clients with an identity that is unforgettable every time and give them a reason to choose us again. However, if a success is a number game, here are a few to look at!


Campaigns created


Organic traffic


Webpages and
apps designed


Happy clients

“Every project we deliver to our clients is for a purpose of being remembered. Chat with us today and discover how our unique approach to B2B or B2C digital marketing can help you today.”

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